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The Quality within

CabAuto’s performance as a world class interior component manufacturer is built upon a recognisable culture of quality driven by a passion for innovation, durability and refined comfort.

Every project begins at concept, where we offer close support to our customers’ design teams to create the most cost-effective and practical automotive interior solutions. As a tier 1, ISO/TS16949 & JLRQ accredited manufacturer based in the UK, we provide the best interior solutions to meet the needs of the prestigious brands that we support.Cab Automotive Ltd manufactures a specialist range of automotive interior solutions for both vehicle manufacturers and tier 1 suppliers to the automotive sector. 

Our unrivalled reliability gives our clients the confidence that product quality, cost control and delivery schedules will be maintained at a world class standard.

Cab Auto is constantly confronted with the challenge of reducing weight in the development of new vehicles. Weight reduction can provide a significant improvement on the environmental signature of a vehicle and we collaborate closely with our customers’ design teams to assess the suitability of alternative materials, composites and processes.

Design & development

At CabAuto we work closely with all of our clients assisting with the design and development of all their interior concepts. We work ‘At-Shoulder’ to exacting specifications and specialist operational requirements in order to bring these concepts to fruition.

CabAuto can help in developing the visual appearance and aesthetics of your vehicle interior through material recommendations and process developments such as; fabric and stitch designs, leathers, PU foam, metal manipulation and moulding techniques.

Utilising these unique specialist skills we can carefully combine process, colour, texture, contrast and patterns to give your vehicle a unique, high quality, interior environment.


CabAuto has developed a quality management system based on the requirements of ISO/TS 16949 (2nd Edition). Our company places high emphasis on the continual improvement of its processes and products, in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. At CabAuto we believe quality is everybody’s responsibility. Including TS 16949, ISO 14001, JLR Q and GM approved

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